Golden Bliss Gewürzmischung für Kakaozeremonien

Golden Bliss

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The spice blend Golden Bliss carries the lightful messages of the plant world and invites you to let your light shine. This sensual blend goes wonderfully with the heart-opening effect of Cacao. Read more.

Ingredients include coconut blossom sugar, yacon, mullein flower, amchur mango, lemon balm, rosehip and orange blossom.

Yacon: The yacon root has its home in the highlands of the Andes. Already the Incas have greatly appreciated this medicinal plant. This root connects you deeply with Pachamama, grounds you and keeps you in your essence.

Mullein Flower: The flower of the mullein shines in a majestic splendor and abundance, inspiring you to do the same. As an ancient healing herb, it clears the upper airways and opens you upward to your crown chakra.

Amchur: The unripe mango from India with its exotic notes evokes longings and reminds you to trust the ripening process, to dream and let go.

Lemon Balm: Its gentle lemony aroma goes wonderfully with this spice blend, especially since lemon balm is relaxing and calming, bringing you even more easily into the state of Golden Bliss.

Rosehip: The fruits of the rosehip carry many days of sunshine and are filled with the power of life. It strengthens your whole system. Among the Germanic tribes, the rosehip was dedicated to the goddess Freya - the goddess of vitality, knowledge, and the power of life.

Orange Blossom: Orange Blossom invites you to surrender to your sensitive side and unfold even the most delicate petals of your soul. Welcome to the state of Golden Bliss!

Usage: For a cup of Cacao (200ml) we recommend 1x heaped teaspoon (5g) of this spice blend.

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