Dosage recommendation for Ritual Cacao

When it comes to the dosage of Ritual Cacao , there are various recommendations. At the beginning of my cacao journey, I heard that exactly 42g is a ceremonial dose. Over the last few years I have tried many things and prepared the medicine of the heart for thousands of people and made my own experiences. It is of course best if you also try out yourself which amount of cacao is suitable for you personally in different situations. But we also want to give you a few pointers here.

How do I dose Ritual Cacao?

How do I dose ceremonial cacao?

Based on our experience, we recommend the following dosages* for different occasions (a heaped tablespoon corresponds to 15g):

Cacao dosage 1 tablespoon
15g = daily dose

Talk with the Cacao Spirit
Great for everyday use. For your cacao in the morning, if you want to work (creatively) afterwards and want to be accompanied by a good feeling throughout the day.

Cacao dosage 2 tablespoons
30g = ritual can

Dance with the cacao spirit
Suitable for your rituals with yourself or in a group. You can travel deep and open yourself to the full range of feelings. The effect can last up to 4 hours.

Cacao dosage 3 tablespoons
45g = Deep Ritual Tin

Make love with the cacao spirit
We recommend it if you already have experience with Ritual Cacao and want to embark on a very deep journey into yourself.

If you're wondering if cacao is right for you, we recommend starting with a lower dose of 15g and working your way up if it feels right for you. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, then read our blog post "Cacao during pregnancy". If you are a leader of cacao rituals, I would recommend a smaller amount of cacao during your events, around 20g per cup.

*All information relates to a cacao drink with 200 ml of liquid (water / oat milk / coconut milk) - tips for preparing cacao

1 tablespoon, 15g Ritual Cacao

Find your cacao dose

It is important to note that cacao affects everyone differently. Some react more sensitively and also need a lower dose for a ritual. So test for yourself how much cacao is good for you and be aware that it also depends on your daily form. It is best to always drink your cacao slowly and consciously, so that you give your body time to decide for itself when it is enough for you that day.

In my opinion, no tolerance to cacao builds up. On the contrary, the more often you drink Ritual Cacao, the less you need to feel the effects. You are already connected, you carry the information of this sacred plant within you and it takes less and less to access this information and to open your heart.

Different types of cacao - different effects

Of course, the type of cacao also plays a role. We give these dosage recommendations for our two cacao varieties from Peru. If you have a different cacao, you may need more or less grams. I personally find the cacao from Guatemala to be stronger and would also use a little less for a ceremony. On the other hand, I found the cacao from Bali, which I have tried so far, to be somewhat weaker and would therefore use a higher dose.

For this and a few other reasons, we have also chosen our cacao varieties from Peru. Not too strong - not too weak and just something very special. If you have already tried our two varieties, you will have noticed that they also have different effects, even though they both come from the same country. You can find more about this in our blog post “What types of cacao are there?”.

The magic of cacao

It doesn't matter whether you take cacao in a ritual or in the morning before work - pause for a moment and feel the power of this special plant. It's enough if you do this for a minute. Connect to your heart and intention for the ritual or for the day/task. You will notice how everything becomes easier and more flowing. You can feel the magic of cacao with any amount, anytime, anywhere - if you open yourself to it.