The power of rituals and ceremonies

Why do we do rituals/ceremonies?

We make rituals ourselves and share them with others because we are convinced that this powerful tool gives us something that has become increasingly rare these days - the opportunity to arrive. Arriving within ourselves, arriving with other people and really perceiving them. Not superficially about their looks or their professional status, but to meet each other at the core.

The power of rituals and ceremonies

Rituals, the balance to the rather unconscious everyday life

In the Ritual Space we consciously go into a different presence. We take our time and set very specific intentions for the ritual. An outspoken statement of intention, what such an intention is, has a very powerful effect on us. It's different whether you set your mind on something or share it with other people.

In the ritual you consciously connect with something bigger. You leave your usual space, be it physical space or inner space, and open yourself to more possibilities that life has to offer.

Thousands of years ago, life transitions were celebrated with rituals and special events were celebrated. In many indigenous peoples, cacao was an integral part.

Today, rituals / ceremonies are only known on special occasions such as engagements, weddings, baptisms, school enrolments, graduation ceremonies, etc.

We need rites of passage

Unfortunately, many other traditions that also existed here have gradually disappeared. In my opinion one of the reasons why there is so much confusion and longing among many (young) people.

No one welcomes the girl who becomes a woman into a circle of women, for example to celebrate her first menstrual period. Adolescent men are also looking for anchors on the Internet instead of in the real world among adult men.

With rites of passage you create confidence in yourself and life, especially in young people. When that trust is missing, there is a void. Many try to fill this emptiness with external things in the course of life. However, the longed-for fulfillment usually does not come about.

So we want to take a step back and see what the real need is behind different wants and desires. This also happens in the ritual.

There are of course many other events where rituals can be of great support, such as separations, to be able to let go of the (ex) partner, etc.

We live in a time when everything has to happen quickly, eating, working, informing, dating.

5 benefits of rituals & why we love them so much

RITUALS help us to leave our everyday life and consciously immerse ourselves in a new space where so much more is possible.

RITUALS help us in times of transition from one phase of life to the other, as we consciously welcome the change.

RITUALS are the bridge between the fine and the solid world.

RITUALS get us from thinking to feeling & thus strengthen the connection to our inner being.

RITUALS give us the opportunity to become slow and still in order to feel the things that are really important right now.


We need deceleration

We are of the opinion that our society needs one thing very badly right now and that is deceleration. Pause - breathe - feel yourself.

This and more happens in rituals and can help you to feel whole again, to realize where your place is and to arrive.

Cacao is a wonderful companion in rituals and can help you slow down and “listen to yourself” . You can find out what happens during a cacao ritual in this blog post.

If you want to HEAR more about ritual, feel free to get inspired by our Cacao Talk Episode #1 "The Power of Rituals".

We very much hope that rituals will find more space in the life of every single person again, so that we can all arrive more in ourselves and in our essence.

Greetings Leni

PS Check out our blog for some free guides to rituals you can do for yourself. Here you can access our guided video, audio & online live rituals on various topics and occasions.