Cacao morning ceremony for you

I'm happy to give you another cacao ritual that you can easily do for yourself at home.

We keep hearing that people don't have time for a cacao ritual. However, a cacao ritual can and should also be possible in your everyday life. That's why I have a small but effective morning ritual for you today.

When I do a ritual for myself, it's usually in the morning. I use the stimulating power of cacao to start the day with a lot of energy. At the same time, I align myself for the day so that I am clearer and more purposeful and do not lose myself in everyday stress.

Morning cacao ritual

Your cacao ritual in the morning

step 1 Prepare your Ritual Cacao with lots of love ♥.
(Here you will find a recipe & tips for preparing your cacao.)

step 2 Take a moment to connect with the Cacao Spirit.

step 3 Breathe in and out deeply three times. With each exhale, imagine letting go of anything you don't want to take with you into today. When inhaling, smell the cacao and connect even more deeply with the spirit.

step 4 Put a hand on your heart and ask your heart:

What good can I do for myself today?
What can I do today to enrich the lives of others?
With what feeling do I want to go through today?

step 5 Put one or more of these answers in your cacao.
Then empty your cup sip by sip.

step 6 Sit up straight and imagine a golden waterfall falling over your head and body from above. It cleans you and charges you with new life energy.

Which part of your body feels particularly good and relaxed right now? Put your hand on that spot and squeeze a little harder. This is how you set yourself an anchor. Let your hand lie there while you feel the cacao in you, the power of the waterfall and your inner peace further strengthened.

step 7 Stay in this feeling until it feels complete for you and you can start your day full of energy. Thank the Cacao Spirit and close the ritual.

step 8 Anytime during the day you feel like you need some support and relaxation, push that spot out of the ritual - your anchor.


I wish you a lot of joy with this little morning ritual.

Let us know what other topics you would like rituals on. We're always happy to hear from you!

Greetings Leni