The wild side of femininity & cacao

Silja Janina - The wild side of cacao

A guest post by Silja Janina

Ritual Cacao is gentle and heart-opening, I'm sure you've heard that before.

But there are other aspects of cacao that many people don't know about and which I would like to tell you about today. I experience them regularly in my rituals and my work with women.

Ritual Cacao can also bring out your wild, sexy and sensual side.

Diverse femininity

Certain words are often assigned to femininity: gentle, delicate, flowing. For me, feminine energy is like nature - powerful, unpredictable and everything at the same time. And that is exactly what makes it so powerful. In one moment a clear and calm mountain lake, in the next a raging hurricane. And everything in between.

But many women suppress their wild and sensual femininity and their authentic female sexuality. It is the part of us that is associated with the greatest fear, the deepest shame and the greatest insecurity. Because it is the parts of femininity that are still deeply suppressed and distorted to this day. Socially and culturally and thus also on a personal level.

We've learned to fit in. We all want to be accepted and loved. And so sometimes we squeeze ourselves into that small, tight box of the ideal woman without really being able to breathe in it. Our wild part, our sensuality and our authentic sexuality often have no place in it.

We think it's not safe to fully embody our sexuality and sensuality. We are afraid of being judged - by other women and the world. We are afraid of not being safe if we show ourselves too much. Because we all save the fears and trauma from the female collective. Centuries and millennia in which women have been, and still are, regularly exposed to sexual violence, oppression and torture.

It wasn't witches who were burned - it was women. Strong women, intuitive women, healers, medicine women, spiritually awakened, sexually liberated women. Women who knew their primal feminine power. Who lived their lives freely.

And that trauma is still with most of us. In addition, there are personal traumas that we have experienced in our sexuality and our femininity.

We never learned how to heal from it. How we can feel safe and free in our female body. We never learned how to have a healthy, beautiful relationship with ourselves and our bodies. How we can find our authentic sexuality and live it healthy and fulfilled.

Most women still carry that deep, subconscious fear and reluctance without even knowing it.

What is wild femininity?

The wild part in you is your intuition, your connection to nature, your originality, your deepest core: you before you were exposed to social norms and societal expectations. your origin. The wild femininity is your liberated self - liberated from norms, from conditioning, from fears, from learned evaluation and from shame. The woman in you who loves herself and her body unconditionally because she can see its beauty and perfection.

At this point you might want to think for a moment yourself or even write a journal: Who would you be if you were completely liberated? How would you live if you lived completely freely and intuitively? What if there were no societal norms and expectations of you, your body and your life? And everything would be possible?

This wild, intuitive part of us is awakened above all by women's circles, singing, making music, dancing, intuitive movement, contact with untouched nature - and above all by (cacao) rituals. Rituals in which only women come together are particularly powerful in relation to femininity. Because then something magical happens that cannot be described in words. The awakening of the collective female elemental power. And wow, is it powerful!


Collective female primal power awakens in women's circles, rituals and ceremonies

Cacao ceremonies for the feminine essence

Cacao rituals are a wonderful way to reconnect with all of these parts. To rediscover them, to reclaim and integrate them. In this way we can rediscover our wild feminine essence, feel the connection to ourselves, to our body and to our feminine power. Rituals can appeal to the instinctive, untouched, and intuitive part of your femininity. Some of our cultural rituals and ceremonies have been lost through the Christianization of Europe, but there is a beautiful resurgence of rituals and women's circles around the world right now. We're bringing back what we've been missing for centuries: coming together as sisters and celebrating femininity and being a woman.

My live cacao rituals have always ended in naked, wild, ecstatic dancing. Totally natural. Completely liberated. Celebrating life and femininity. Even the women who felt uncomfortable in their bodies, who would never have shown themselves even half-naked to anyone, could rediscover this part of themselves and free themselves.

To experience something like this is deeply touching, deeply healing and deeply activating. And I experience this regularly in my work. Reclaiming the lost parts of womanhood. Of which many often did not know that they were lost. Until they found them and sometimes felt at home for the first time in their lives. Arrived. In herself, her femininity and her body.

The depths of femininity

Ritual Cacao can guide you there - if it happens in a safe space where you feel held and gently guided into these depths of femininity.

The fact that Ritual Cacao can awaken your wild femininity and your female sexuality lies in the nature of cacao. It has a very feminine energy - and, as you now know, the wild and sexual aspects are part of perfect femininity.

Feel free to try inviting these energies into your next cacao ritual. Or look for a guided ritual (like Tantric Woman I+II with Leni) that deals with these aspects of femininity.

Sincerely, Silya


About Silja Janina
Silja is a sex, love & intimacy coach. She leads women back into their primal female power and accompanies them in the healing and awakening of their authentic, fulfilled sexuality. She gives 1:1 coaching, online courses and cacao ceremonies as well as annual retreats for women. You can find her retreats here ➚ . If you would like to get to know her and her work better, you can do so here ➚ or via Instagram ➚ .