Cacao for men - 10 hard facts about superfood

Hello Cacao Lovers,

our dear community consists of 93% women. But why should that be? We would like to change that. You probably also know men with whom you have the feeling that cacao would do them good. But if you come at them with the words "ceremony", "ritual" or "meditation", they turn up their noses and run away. We were wondering how we could still reach them so that they could give Cacao a chance and receive the wonderful gifts. Axel wrote a text about this, of course with a wink. :-) If you like it, we would be happy if you forward it to the men in your environment.

Is cacao such a women's drink?

If increased well-being and increased concentration and performance and health care in a pleasant way are only women's issues, then yes. Of course, we men can also make good use of the power of cacao.


Axel and Felix - cacao for men - 10 hard facts about superfood

10 hard facts about the superfood cacao

We have 10 hard facts about the superfood for you, why you should start drinking cacao.

1. The better coffee alternative
Forget the energy waste after drinking coffee. The theobromine contained in cacao invigorates you in a natural and healthy way, while the high is gentler and lasts longer than caffeine.

2. Antioxidants!
Increased oxidative degradation in the body means physical stress that can cause cancer and inflammation. The antioxidants contained in cacao prevent this.

3. Sex!
The unsaturated fatty acid anandamide affects the part of the brain that is responsible for the feeling of happiness and pleasure. Cacao has been known as an aphrodisiac since time immemorial. In combination with the performance-enhancing effect - cacao was drunk by the warriors of the indigenous tribes as a tonic and for endurance... you get it 😉

4. Flavonoids!
They promote brain health and activity, address the learning center in the brain, sharpen perception and focus, and preserve cognitive abilities.

5. Magnesium
Hardly any other food contains more magnesium than cacao. Magnesium promotes heart health, has a muscle-relaxing and antispasmodic effect, supports bone formation and the regulation of metabolism.

6. Iron
Cacao also contains a considerable amount of iron, which is important for blood formation.

7. Calcium
The very high calcium content is great for teeth, bones, muscles and blood clotting.

8. Studies
First studies at universities in Maastricht, Düsseldorf and Cologne show: Cacao is better than energy drinks after intensive sports endurance sessions than water and many of the commercially available sports drinks.

9. Taste
Make your cacao with chilli and oat milk and it will give you a fiery, energizing taste experience or drink your cacao with our Mindful Bliss Spice mix and experience the sweetness that is in this drink.

10. date
What do you mean, what a woman says when you invite her to a delicious cacao? Try it!


After these 10 points, it should be clear to everyone that cacao is not just for the softie in us. You also have to be able to handle the concentrated power. ;-)

Sincerely, Axel


* Last but not least and very important: All information here refers to high-quality 100% cacao mass. Not on the "cacao" from the discount store, which has lost many of its valuable ingredients! If you like, take a look at our HEART and BODY cacaos.