Cacao Booster Ritual for the afternoon

I'm always curious when people prefer to drink their cacao and why. I've often heard that the morning is the favorite time for many people to consciously start the day with a little cacao ritual. Of course, there are also many evening cacao ceremonies, because for many this fits best into their everyday life.

I recently spoke to a friend who told me that he always drinks his cacao in the afternoon. I pricked up my ears because I hadn't heard it that often. His arguments and intention behind them were so consistent for me that I would like to share them with you here.

Cacao makes you pleasantly awake

"I usually prepare my cacao between 1 and 3 p.m. in the afternoon. I don't use cacao like my morning coffee to wake me up or not to fall asleep again. Cacao can do so much more and above all differently. My afternoons are shaped by meetings , in which more empathy is important. And the mood that cacao puts me in fits perfectly. I use the combination of softening and awakening that cacao brings with it. The typical afternoon slump that I go to normally falls between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. does not exist when I drink cacao."

Relaxed and alert through the afternoon

"Cacao wakes me up with even, relaxed attention and inner peace. And that's just so nice and pleasant to have in the afternoon. I don't feel like a meerkat with my eyes wide open like I do with coffee, but more like a big one Bird that floats softly, relaxed and mindful through the air with open wings."

This is an excerpt from the conversation with my friend Holm.

An energetic booster

Coincidentally, or probably inspired by the conversation, I've been drinking my Ritual Cacao in the afternoon for the last two weeks and can definitely share Holm's experiences.

That's why I have a cacao booster ritual for you today.
I invite you to recharge your batteries so that you can start the second half of the day with new strength. This is something for everyone who works from home and in the office, but also for the mums, dads and artists among us :-)

Instructions - Cacao Booster Ritual for the afternoon

step 1 Prepare your Ritual Cacao with a lot of rest and mindfulness. (Here you will find a recipe & tips for preparing your cacao.)

step 2 Find a quiet place and take your time to settle into this moment. It is best to sit in an upright seat. Close your eyes.

step 3 Speak an intention into your cacao. This can be something as simple as "Cacao give me strength and inspiration for the rest of the day".

step 4 Drink your cacao sip by sip. Think of one thing you did today that you did well. Celebrate and praise yourself for it. You can also give yourself a physical pat on the back.

(This small gesture does so much with our system and unfortunately we don't appreciate ourselves enough for all the many small and big things we do throughout the day.)

step 5 Take a few minutes in silence and feel your body. You can start at the head and work your attention from there down to your feet.

On a second pass you imagine all the "stress thoughts" flowing out of your head and out of your whole system down to your feet - from there you let them drain into the earth.

Repeat this until you feel free and light. In addition, you can also imagine how a waterfall washes you down from top to bottom and takes everything from you that you no longer need.

step 6 Feel the invigorating energy of the cacao in you and ask yourself: What do you really feel like doing now?

step 7 Open your eyes and put on your favorite song and distribute the cacao and the energy that has arisen throughout your body. Pursue what your heart desires before returning to your daily routine.

If for some reason it's not possible right now, promise yourself to do it within 24 hours. (When our inner being speaks to us, it is important to react to it, otherwise this voice/intuition will fall silent again.)

step 8 Thank the cacao and start the second half of the day full of energy.

I hope you enjoy this ritual and use the newly gained energy to celebrate yourself and life :-)

Greetings Leni