5 things to nourish yourself in the fall

Hooray, hooray, fall is here!

Are you looking forward to the beginning of the cozy season or are you looking a little wistfully after the beautiful summer?

In fact, we are always very happy when the time comes to snuggle up and introspect. Of course, also because cacao gets even more space with many people during this time. Ritual Cacao is simply good when the days are getting shorter and we need something that nourishes us on different levels. Today we would like to give you 5 ideas on how you can do something good for yourself in the coming autumn days.

5 things to nourish yourself in the fall

1. Forest bathing

Go outside and enjoy the fresh autumn air and the wonderful bright colors. Take time to really get into the moment. Take off your shoes and feel the ground beneath you. You can drain into the earth what you no longer need and recharge. You might also want to take a thermos of cacao with you to enhance your nature experience.

2. Candle Meditation
(with Ritual Cacao or without)

It's dark outside and you light a candle. Imagine yourself igniting your inner fire by lighting the candle. Then look into the candle flame for a few minutes. Feel the calm in you. Keep your attention on the flame until you feel relaxed and recharged. Fire has a very special effect on us. It is not for nothing that people sit and sit around the fire for hours and look into the flames.

3. Cacao painting

Get a sheet of paper, paints, glitter, etc. ready. Put some nice music on and enjoy a cup of Ritual Cacao . Leave a bit of cacao in the cup and then spread it intuitively over the paper. Then you can paint around it with other colors. It's not about what comes out at the end, but about the process of creation. How do you feel when you paint?

Take a deep breath into your heart and look at your artwork. What do you see? What message does the cacao in the picture show you?

4. Inner child

Sit down and invite your inner child to get in touch with you. Ask them specifically what they feel like doing on this autumn day? Maybe it would like to collect leaves, build chestnut men, jump in puddles or just cuddle up. Consciously spend 1-2 hours with your inner child to see, feel and enjoy it.

5th wellness day at home

It doesn't always have to be an expensive visit to the SPA. You can also bring relaxation to your home and the nice thing about it is that you can do everything exactly as you like. Put on your favorite face mask, turn on music and candles, prepare yourself a cacao and other nice drinks and spend a nice few hours in your bathroom SPA.

mandala gold

I hope you enjoy implementing our tips. Let us know how you felt and/or what other ideas you have to make the autumn days particularly beautiful for you.

Colorful autumn greetings, your Leni