A Yule Cacao Ritual for the Winter Solstice

Yule Cacao Ritual for the Winter Solstice


The shortest day of the year

December 21st is the longest night of the year. This darkness ushers in a new era, from which the days will begin to get longer again.

 Symbolically, it is the perfect time to return to light and hope . This point in time may remind us that even the darkest night or time ends one day.

Where does Yule come from?

According to a study by Penn University in the USA ➚ it is assumed that the winter solstice has had a cultural significance for us humans for 10,000 years. However, the exact origin of the winter solstice festival is disputed. It probably comes from the Germanic and Celtic culture and has become known there under the name Julfest, Jule or Yule. This festival was held in honor of the main god Odin. In the Celtic cycle, Yule follows about 6 weeks after Samhain and about 6 weeks before Imbolc.

It was the most important festival of the year as it was considered the birth festival of the sun. This was and is often symbolized as a burning wheel. Because even today this festival, especially in northern Europe, is celebrated under this name between December 21st and the beginning of February.

Our current Christmas celebration is said to have originated from this tradition.

In mythology it is said that exactly at this time of deepest darkness, the earth goddess brings light and thus new life to earth. The circle of life starts again.

It is precisely this connection to nature and the cycle of life that we want to recognize and celebrate with a powerful cacao ritual. Ritual Cacao was and is very popular in transitional periods.

Instructions for a powerful Yule cacao ritual

Plan one to two hours for yourself and your trip

step 1 Build a small threshold, e.g. B. from sticks, twigs, a rope or whatever you have there

step 2 Get cozy with blankets, pillows, candles, and your power items

+ Prepare something to write about as well

step 3 Prepare a cup of cacao (you can find a recipe here). Also put on music that puts you in a meditative mood and light a candle.

step 4 Smoke yourself and your rooms. Particularly suitable for smoking at this time are: white copal, mugwort, juniper, myrrh and frankincense.

step 5 Stand with your cacao at your built threshold. Step consciously into your ritual space and thus into the new quality of time. Leave everything old behind you and feel how something changes in you as soon as you step over.

step 6 Sit in an upright meditation position that is comfortable for you. Invite the Cacao Spirit to be here with you and speak your intention for the ritual in your cacao.

step 7 Start drinking your cacao and imagine yourself opening up to your higher self and your light with each sip.

step 8 Pay attention and listen to the messages that come to you

step 9 Take something to write after the meditation.

Answer the following questions:

→ How do I want to share my light?
→ What does the world look like in which I would like to live in the future?
→ What is my task to help create this light-filled world?

step 10 Reconnect with the image of your light-filled world and let this light flood you inwardly.

step 11 At the end of this ritual, thank the Cacao Spirit and your spiritual helpers for the creation of this world.

step 12 Get up and consciously cross the threshold again. You can then dismantle them to completely close the room.


We wish you much joy with this ritual and hope that it serves you and fills you with light and hope.

With Love, Leni