Meeting at heart level - cacao ritual at Christmas

Cacao ritual for Christmas

 Challenges of the Christmas season

It's already back - the pre-Christmas period and the question: What do I give my loved ones?

He/she already has one, the other is too impersonal, the next is too expensive and even totally superfluous. And so the stress begins in the head and later perhaps also when shopping. It then continues with the right food for the special Christmas day, from the decoration to the right evening wear. Everything has to be well thought out, coordinated and simply something special. After all, you wait so long for the big Christmas Eve, open one of the 24 doors every day and with every little door the joy and, unfortunately, the stress level increases.

And then, when the big day of Christmas finally arrives, what inevitably happens when a lot of stress and tension comes to an end happens - there's a bang. There are many possibilities for this. The newly bought outfit doesn't look as good as it did in the store, the food that has taken hours to prepare is not appreciated as one would hope, the worldview of the individual family members has still not synchronized since the last meeting and today is a good one after all Reason to convince everyone of THE right way of life.

Christmas time - time to go inside

Whether that's how it is for you or you are indeed always looking forward to the holidays with your family - I invite you to close your eyes and ask yourself:


What is really important to you for the pre-Christmas period, for the festival of love? What matters to you?

For me, it's about connection and being together. meet with the heart. This means that it doesn't matter how much you disagree on some points. It's about (at least) on this day meeting at heart level and focusing on what connects us as family/friends. Needless to say, cacao is a wonderful support here ;-)

"Cacao - the special Christmas present"

Time and contact at heart level is probably the most beautiful thing you can give your loved ones. Something like this is possible if you are honest with yourself, respect your boundaries and keep connecting yourself to your heart.

If you want, then embark on a crazy experiment. Ask yourself again and again in the coming weeks: Am I doing this out of my heart or because I think it is part of it.

And if it feels in tune with your heart, do a little cacao ritual with your family this Christmas. It doesn't have to be anything big. A few minutes together in silence, maybe each saying a Christmas wish, maybe something they value in each other.

You are welcome to play the guided cacao ritual for the whole family (10 minutes, German).

Christmas cacao ritual


Cacao connects us to our hearts, gives us space to feel quietly in us to see our truth there. Cacao gives us compassion, understanding and benevolence. All the little precious things that I think really matter on this big day of Christmas.

With this in mind, I wish you a wonderful pre-Christmas period with lots of things that you do freely from the heart.

With Love, Leni


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