Cacao for more grounding and a strong root chakra

Why it's important to start at the bottom

In keeping with the beginning of the year, I would like to invite you to focus on your base, your foundation and your roots in the month of January. You will learn from me why you should always focus on your foundation, what influence a strong foundation has on your life (from an energetic and physical perspective) and what you can do to create this stable foundation.

Always return to your roots

Only when we are connected to ourselves, our body and ultimately our inner roots can we grow upwards, reach for the stars, realize our wishes and vision and carry our strength and light outwards. Since the topic of roots, base and foundation is located in our root chakra from an energetic point of view, you can always connect with this energy center within you.

Where is the root chakra?

Your root chakra is located in the pelvic floor area, between the sit bones, pubic bone and tailbone. The topics of security, basic trust, stability and vitality are located at this place on a subtle level. As you may have noticed, these are all topics that ensure our human survival and play an important role in everything in our lives - no matter what area of ​​life it is. And maybe you’ve heard something about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? There is no point in pursuing your spiritual growth if your basic needs, such as adequate sleep and healthy nutrition, are not met.

Create a stable foundation for yourself in everyday life

Imagine you are a tree. And this tree begins to grow from its roots, little by little, towards the sky. Here you can ask yourself the question: What do my roots need so that they can support my tree crown strongly and safely? First of all, start with your basic needs in everyday life. Check in with yourself every now and then, no matter how simple it may sound, and ask yourself: What do I need in this moment to feel safe and connected to myself? Maybe it's a few deep breaths into your heart, a walk in nature, or a hug from yourself or a loved one.

Concrete tips for strengthening your root chakra

Since cacao , as you may know, has a grounding effect, it is a wonderful everyday companion to give you a break and strengthen your root chakra in a small cacao ritual. As you drink the cacao, imagine how, with every sip, roots of light grow from your tailbone into the earth and how you are safe and held by the cacao medicine and Mother Earth.

What else strengthens your root chakra and thus your inner foundation in everyday life:

go out into nature a lot, if possible barefoot

eat lots of root vegetables (carrots, potatoes, parsnips, etc.)

massage your feet e.g. B. with sesame oil (stimulates blood circulation and grounds at the same time)

use spices such as turmeric, ginger and cinnamon (you can also add these wonderfully to your Ritual Cacao)

move your body as often as possible to connect with your humanity and your liveliness (feel free to use the Cacao & Yin Yoga ritual as instructions)

I really hope that the suggestions and tips can help you build a secure and stable foundation for 2024.

Kind regards, Sarah from the team