Welcome 2021 - loving structure

Golden mandala new moon

Feel the truth and live by it

On 01/13 the new year has also begun in the lunar cycle. A wonderful opportunity to align yourself energetically again for 2021 with a cacao ritual. Due to the current energy in the earth sign Capricorn, we can name our goals and visions in a clear and structured way.

Of course, it is important to recognize your heart and your own limits. In my opinion, this year will become clearer even more quickly when we do things that are not in alignment with our hearts and core beings. The body will react faster, the outside will feel tighter and tighter and we are allowed to go inside again and again to feel our truth and live by it.

I think it's up to everyone now whether they can accept this as a gift or react with resistance and make it harder for themselves.

Ganesha with cacao beans

Ritual Cacao connects your heart with your mind

Our recommendation: take your time. Make yourself a soothing cacao and snuggle up in your favorite spot. Ritual Cacao connects your heart with your mind and you get a wonderful basis from which you can make (long-term) decisions. After you have calmed down a bit and connected to the Cacao Spirit, you can ask the following questions that match today's energy:

1. What else can I let go of to start the new cycle powerfully in my truth?

2. In which area of ​​my life can I take loving responsibility / take my place?

3. What deeper desires are behind my goals/visions?

4. Which routines, structures and rituals help me to live my truth and which distract me from the essentials?

Don't think twice about the answers. Write down intuitively what comes first. The cacao will help you in this process. Finally you can put your hand on your heart and welcome the new cycle again full of love and gratitude.