Selfcare Time - Treat yourself heart

Self-care is holistic and sustainable well-being

For us, self-care is not just a relaxing bath or treating yourself to a delicious cake.

For us, self-care also means taking time for our inner being. It involves creating order within yourself and prioritizing long-term well-being over short-term enjoyment. Some things can bring quick, brief gratification. Self-care, on the other hand, aims to make you feel more, to come into harmony, in order to be happier in the long term.

Building a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle

We think that it is necessary to clean up in you first. Where do you still have habits that don't serve you? You may no longer notice them and they rob you of energy. For us, self-care means taking stock of what is. Take time for reflection and, if necessary, letting go. Above all, it means being honest with yourself and staying true to your values.

Selfcare Time – Felix treats himself to heart

After that, it's important to find out what gives you energy. Here, too, it is important for us to take a long-term view. The cup of coffee in the afternoon might bring you some short-term energy to continue functioning and to do your to-dos, but that's not what we mean. We are talking much more about building a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle that will support you in the long term.

It starts with the basics. Did I eat well and healthy today? Have I slept, drank and exercised enough? Have I taken time for my inner being and my heart's desires?

Get into the Selfcare Flow

Once you are in the flow, it will come naturally to you to take good care of yourself. For us, this is the basis on which all further projects can build and flourish.

And don't get us wrong - a nice afternoon nap is also part of it for us. But preferably from the abundance and because you love yourself and not because you are completely burned out and can't do anything else but nod away.

There is more on this topic and many practical tips on how to stabilize your self-care routines in our online self-care cacao rituals, which take place again and again. Take a look at our current cacao rituals . Give it to yourself or as a gift for someone you love.

We are really looking forward to it,

Leni & Felix