Interplay - guest post by Sarah

From the interaction of things - as inside, so outside and vice versa.

About 10 years ago I held my first certificate of shamanic training in my hands. I was allowed to call myself an energy seer and started giving sessions very soon after. First friends, then more and more people from further away and finally strangers. For the joy of learning and the opportunity to delve into ever deeper layers of my own energy system, I stayed on the ball, so to speak.

Sarah walks through nature

In small workshops and larger training courses over the years, I have been taught what it takes to be able to read and interpret the aura of another person as neutrally as possible. The year before last I met the most trusting and at the same time strictest teacher: my own body. He made it very clear to me, through feelings of being overwhelmed to panic attacks and finally a double herniated disc in the cervical spine, why energy work does not work without the body.

Forced to rest, I had enough time to connect with my body. I felt the pain, learned to take the underlying exhaustion seriously and finally, after years of disregard, I learned to integrate my personal experiences from energetic work into and through my own body.

Although I have been giving sessions since my first spiritual training, it is hardly surprising that I am only now finding the courage to create forms of sessions that arise from within me. Arrived in my own body, I am only able to recognize important connections and to see the interaction of things (even) more clearly.

Sarah surrounded by leaves

Outside: In the world, old structures are breaking up more than ever, as can easily be seen from (forced) digitization and changes in power on a global level, to name just two examples. The exceptional situation caused by the pandemic calls on each individual to restructure at least some areas of everyday life.

Some of us are extremely challenged with no prospect of certainty or security. When did that happen? If I were an astrologer, I could name the exact year. For me it is enough to deal with astrologers who can name cultural, political or energetic connections almost perfectly. I'll be honest: my heart melts! Nobody has to be interested in astrophysics or energy work to understand that or how much everything that happens on earth is an interaction of different actors.

When structures in the outside world change so much, it has a visible effect on the structures of each individual. Inside as outside. Back to me. I've been in a relationship for a year, the fulfillment of an inner wish. This man has told me a couple of times how much he appreciates the connection between cacao and ceremonies. Skeptical as I am, I took my time until we organized our first cacao ceremony together. Since then it has become a ritual for us. Two pillows, a candle, maybe an incense stick and: cacao! We look into each other's eyes and everyone speaks from the heart. No matter what, no matter how long.

After 11 years of being single, everyone can imagine that I show one or the other quirk, which led to some turbulence at the beginning of the partnership. In our Cacao-Time we lay down our arms without having to agree. This special space that opens up to our connection in ritual is one of great respect and mutual goodwill. It's always a magical moment for me.

After reflecting on these experiences, my curiosity was piqued and I embarked on an inner journey of exploration. Should I include cacao in my sessions? I wasn't sure and wanted to experiment a little more when David called and the concept for a joint workshop gushed out like a waterfall. I had to grin widely. On the one hand, because David is usually not very talkative, and on the other hand, because I thought deep down: cacao goes through the body and hits the heart.

We will give our first cacao ritual together on January 31, 2021. You can find out more and register here: Cacao and energy work ➚

Sincerely, Sarah