Spices for your cacao & their effect

At our cacao ceremonies, we prepare our cacao with oat milk and our Mindfull Bliss spice blend. Every single spice has a meaning and influence on our body.

Coconut blossom sugar: Is obtained from the nectar of the coconut palm and contains many micronutrients. It has a gentler effect on our blood sugar levels than, for example, table sugar. It has a strong caramel taste.

Tonka bean: From the Brazilian rainforest, the tonka bean enchants with an aroma of vanilla and bitter almonds. The scent of the tonka beguiles the senses and opens you upwards - from the heart chakra to the crown chakra.

Cinnamon blossom: The blossom of cassia cinnamon underlines the aroma of the tonka bean with a lovely exotic note and awakens pure joy in the heart just from the scent.

Beetroot: Beetroot keeps you grounded with the power of the earth and strengthens your root chakra. Hardly noticeable, but essential for the effect, the earthy taste of the beets rounds off this spice mixture wonderfully in every respect.

Korean Bamboo Salt: Bamboo salt is a Korean food that is over 1000 years old and was discovered by monks. The fine grinding and special processing creates the minimal smoky note.

Spices for your cacao

Ancho chili: Also called Aztec chili, the ancho chili has a chocolaty, fiery aroma that goes wonderfully with cacao. Chili is rich in vitamins A & C, potassium and magnesium and activates the ingredients in cacao and stimulates blood circulation, so the active ingredients in cacao can be absorbed more quickly.

Bourbon vanilla: This vanilla is pure seduction and embodies femininity. Its sensual scent invites you to shed the last layer and indulge in bliss. In addition to magnesium, iron and calcium, cinnamon also contains essential oils that relax the digestive muscles.

Warning: cow's milk blocks the antioxidants in cacao. So if you want to take full advantage of the healthy effects of cacao, you should always prepare it with water, oat or coconut drink.