Souldance & Cacao - guest post by Jasmin

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A guest post about forgiveness, your own soul dance and that you can live more than one facet.

Souldance & Cacao

Guest post by Jasmin Methner

Cacao activates, invigorates and energizes. This is something I think we often forget in the calm and gentle ceremonies. Through dance, cacao and movement, we manage that the cacao touches every single cell in our body - in the truest sense of the word.

We feel; we live and our heart beats every second just for us. We are connected, to each other and to ourselves. We experience it: everything is one.

Through my very first cacao ceremony, where I was then able to forgive my mother from the bottom of my heart, I developed a deep connection to this plant. She taught me: "Jasmine, you are loved, yes, by her too! She carried you under your heart. Whatever it was, forgive her." I admit it wasn't an easy process, but it was so healing. Out of this gratitude I also use cacao today - for myself and for my clients.

As an original business psychologist who has completed additional training as a dance and movement pedagogue, I am able to organize a Souldance event every month with the help of positive psychology, movement and the wonderful cacao from Leni & Felix. For me Souldance means "Every soul on this earth deserves that his/her soul may dance", in a figurative as well as in a physical sense.

Appropriate to every new moon, the new beginning, the reorganization of the energies that prevail on earth (yes, I can't explain it either, but I can feel it), I hold an online New Moon Souldance Kakao Ceremony.

What are we doing there for more than four hours (7-10 p.m.)? We come together in trust, mostly we are only women, whereby it is open to all people. Having previously made a gratitude list for our current life, we then connect to the spirit of the cacao plant and observe the becoming ONE. Afterwards we will get in the mood to appreciate the cacao with the help of gentle mantras and chants as well as a little meditation. After all, it is not self-evident that this plant with its effects is freely available to us and that we can benefit from it.

Soul dance and cacao with jasmine

We drink together, sip by sip, with the intention for the new moon phase that we have previously set for ourselves. Everything has it's time. We are open to what the plant, which is attributed to the element earth, will show us.

After that, everyone can draw a tarot card if they like. Why tarot? It can give us an indication of what we can explicitly consider in the intention. You're thinking now: Oh my God, the woman comes from the economy and reads tarot cards? What's that supposed to mean? Holy shit?!

Yes, and you can believe me, I thought so too for years. I always thought: You are either a tough businesswoman or a spiritual dreamer - neither is possible... until I became an entrepreneur myself and founded my heart's business "Souldance". I became a freelancer, not without reason. Maybe also for the reason to show that nowadays we no longer have to live the way we think we have to. I adapt my business to my female cycle and the lunar cycle. Freedom and authenticity are one of my most important values ​​in life and you can feel that in my work and my nature.

• What do I wish from Mama Kakao?
• Which of my qualities/talents should be revealed in the next phase of the moon?
• What should I pay special attention to in the next few days/weeks?

After an intimate exchange (which is never a must, but somehow always encouraged!), we take to the skies and dance to the sounds of trance-like music. We dance our soul dance. The way our body wants to move, so it moves. There is no right, there is no wrong. Everything is in motion and emotions are allowed to flow. Together we make a journey to the different elements: air, water, earth, fire and chaos. Here I give clear pictures of how a movement belonging to the element can look like and everyone can try it out in a playful way. We laugh. We cry. We Dance. Everything is ok the way it is.

And at the end? Let's go enthusiastically into the night. One is still reflecting, the other is already having wonderful dreams. The cacao and the Souldance have a different effect on everyone and that is exactly right. Trust that cacao touches and kisses your soul too!

In deep connection,
your Souldance_Jasmine

If you want to learn more about the Souldance Kakao Event, please visit my website ➚ .