7 tips for your successful manifestation

7 tips for your successful manifestation

Today I would like to give you 7 tips that I consider and implement when manifesting successfully.

I've come across the word manifestation a lot lately.
Many know it, some do it, it works for some, not for others.

I think it's nice that more and more people are becoming aware of their creative power and are changing their world with it. I've been using the power of manifestation for quite some time and over the years I've found what works for me and what doesn't. When manifesting, the most important thing for me is to be in a state where I am strongly connected to my feelings. A positive basic frequency also helps me. Since cacao brings out exactly that for me, I like to use my cacao meditations to manifest. Of course you can also do it without cacao.

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My tips for a successful manifestation

1. Getting into the moment
Be still and breathe. This is how my alignment to manifestation begins. I also imagine how I connect to the top.

2. Get into feeling
Here, cacao supports me wonderfully. First of all, I observe which feelings are there and consciously ask myself which topic I feel longing for. For example, if I wish for a new home, I ask myself what the longing or desire is, for example the desire to feel settled. For me it makes sense to connect with exactly this feeling when manifesting. It is something completely different whether you visualize your new apartment or whether you connect with the deep feeling of having arrived.

3. The power of visualization
I let feelings rise in me that help me to realize my wish. I imagine how much I feel at home and secure when I'm in my new home.
I also formulate my wish positively and without the words "not" or "no".

4. Build trust
Especially for the beginning, I recommend manifesting "small" things in addition to big wishes. Your system needs to build trust that manifestation is absolutely possible. With every thing, which sometimes happens immediately, your confidence, your energy and thus your power of manifestation increases.

5. Repeat and release
Visualize, feel and write down what you want to attract into your life. After that, take a few minutes each day to reconnect with your desires. A good time to do this is before you fall asleep or right after you wake up. The brain wave frequency is in theta phase at this time. Your subconscious is very open to receiving and storing new information.
After visualizing and feeling, it is important to let go of your thoughts and your desire. You can just imagine your desire floating upwards and trusting that life/the universe/god (whatever you want to call it) will take care of it from here

6. Leave room for more
At the end of a manifestation I add the following sentence: ...or better for the highest and best of all.

7. Be thankful
The feeling of gratitude can only attract abundance because by doing so you are sending out a feeling of abundance. Say thank you that your visualized desires are already on their way to you.

Here's an example of what all this entails

I'm thankful that my dream apartment with a garden, high ceilings, 4 rooms,... for the price of XY will find me within the next 2 months. I am grateful that I feel so safe and secure there. All of this happens for the highest and best of all. Thanks!
- Let go -

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Of course, deep-seated negative beliefs can prevent successful manifestation in some areas. If you would like to learn more about this, please let us know.

If you are interested in the topic, please also listen to the podcast episode The Magic of Ceremonial Cacao ➚ with Kim & Me.

Kim is a mentor for manifestation and in her podcast Focus Pokus she always has exciting guests and contributions on this topic.

With Love, Leni