Equinox - power of duality

“Equal hours of night and day. Recognizing duality. I am a body and soul - that's what makes me whole."

March 20th is the equinox, also called the equinox. Light and darkness are in absolute balance. An event that has been celebrated by many cultures and in some cases still is.

It's also a wonderful opportunity for us to check our own balance. How much do you allow yourself to live your different parts? Both shadow and light aspects of yourself? What is the balance between inner woman and inner man? Do you allow yourself to be both active and indulge in complete stillness?

On this earth we live in dualities. Our soul lives in our body and both want attention. As soon as we neglect one, the other fares badly.

Power of Duality - Equinoxes

It is similar with the male and female energy in us. The masculine energy (both external and internal) provides a form, a structure in which the feminine energy can move and express itself freely. If this space didn't exist, the feminine energy would flow in all directions and dissolve in the process. It is about a constant interplay of Yin and Yang - Shiva and Shakti.

If you would like to know more about this topic in particular, please take a look at this workshop .

It is obvious that for a balanced life we ​​should strive for balance in all areas of our lives.

“All things are poison and nothing is without poison, the dose alone makes a thing not poison”. Paracelsus

The best attitude and methodology can be toxic if you just blindly apply it and stop questioning whether it's really the right thing to do in the given situation.
People love concepts, guides, and other people to follow. It's great to be inspired and ultimately you can see what is true for you in every situation. Because the ONE way that always fits, nobody will be able to tell you. Even if some say it is ;-) It is YOUR job to look again and again at what is true for you and that can and should change.

I love Ritual Cacao because it always helps me to feel my truth. I take ideas and views from others with me into my own cacao rituals and mediations, some things stay and others are allowed to go.

Equinox cacao, yin and yang

Yin and Yang - light and dark

I invite you, too, to honestly feel into yourself again and again and to check your own balance. Do I do certain things because they are good for me or because I think they are healthy for me? Do I already do some things completely in auto mode and don't even know what for anymore? Am I repeating sentences and phrases from other people that I don't (yet) feel myself?

Make yourself a cup of cacao at the equinox and take these questions with you to your mediation. Allow yourself to perceive yourself as a whole - darkness and light within you.
Of course only if it feels right for you and not just because I suggest it to you ;-) with LoVe Leni