What does cacaoloves.me stand for?

That's what we're going for

Last weekend we at Cacaoloves.me had our Selfcare Cacao Ritual, where we defined their WHY and goals with our participants. If you don't know exactly what we mean by WHY or just find the topic exciting, please have a look at the appropriate blog post .

We, too, are repeatedly asked about the vision or WHY of cacaoloves.me. For this reason we would like to share with you today what drives us and why we do what we do. Of course, both me and Felix have their own personal history beforehand. We would be happy to share these with you. Over the course of our lives, it has become essential for both of us to take time for our inner being. For this we have discovered cacao as an insanely great tool for us, which we simply HAVE to share.

Everything starts in you

In our opinion, everything begins within ourselves. It doesn't matter whether it's positive or negative. Once we understand how to truly feel connected to ourselves, it impacts all areas of our lives.
We would like to share this knowledge through Cacaoloves.me.

Cacaoloves.me stands for CONNECTION. Connection inside and outside.

We would like to support you in gaining deeper access to your heart and your inner self. We also want to connect different people who strive to live in harmony with themselves, with nature and with others; who support each other and are willing to take on personal responsibility. So that a togetherness develops in which it is safe to feel and show yourself, with all your injuries, weaknesses and strengths.

A togetherness at heart level

cacaoloves.me - togetherness at heart level

For this we use the transforming power of cacao, ceremonies and rituals and accompany curious and courageous people on their personal path of self-knowledge.

In addition, we want to promote the self-empowerment of each individual and encourage you to share your own truth and heart energy with the world.

Cacao loves you and therefore wants to accompany and support you in every phase of life.

If you know our cacao & our cacao rituals, you will probably feel it there. If not, feel free to make up your own mind :-)
We want to live the values ​​that we teach. At the same time, we are still on the way with some things and allow ourselves to keep questioning, growing and, if necessary, making corrections. We encourage our ritual participants to do the same. We can change, don't have to be perfect to share our truth.

But we also allow ourselves to celebrate successes and be proud of what has developed with cacacoloves.me in the last two years.

Cacao loves you - cacaoloves.me

Two years of cacaoloves.me

We have found a strong partner in Peru from whom we import cacao directly and thus also support local projects.

We have released our first cacao training to be able to reach even more people together with you.

We bravely rented a location to give our cacao a home and to welcome the cacao family and friends to our place as soon as possible.

We are passionate about creating new cacao ceremonies that support our vision and are allowed to enrich us all.

Above all, we have laid the foundation for a wonderful community that continues to grow - people who use cacao to connect with themselves and others and create together from their hearts. For us, this is proof that we are on the right track.