Loving support during the period

What do you need during menstruation?

Snuggling up in bed with a warm cup of cacao - this is probably the image many people have in mind. It's nice if we do something good for our body with it. However, it is important to choose the right cacao. By this we mean cacao mass without sugar or other additives. Because the pure cacao has many ingredients that can support us women at this special time.

During the period, rest and relaxation is simply good. At the same time, as women, we are even more connected to our intuition here. A wonderful way to use this natural tendency and need to delve even deeper with the help of Ritual Cacao.

Cacao - loving support during the period

Ritual cacao to strengthen intuition

The cacao rituals that I do before and during my period are very intense. My body speaks to me much more clearly than usual and I get great insights into my inner world. I feel and see a bigger picture of the connection between everything.

Menstruation is also a great time to take the time to let new ideas come and to be creative - this is what Ritual Cacao encourages. There is more about working creatively with cacao here. The time towards ovulation, when we go outside with full force, is suitable for the implementation of these ideas.

What helps with menstrual pain?

Ritual Cacao also supports us on a physical and neurological level during bleeding.

The great abundance of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants nourish and replenish us. Just like the high iron content, which compensates for the iron deficiency caused by blood loss. Theobromine improves blood circulation and oxygen supply, and by expanding the blood vessels, headaches, for example, can be relieved.

Ritual Cacao promotes the release of serotonin and also ensures its slower degradation. In this way, mood swings can be balanced out, especially in the premenstrual phase. (If you want to learn more about the effects of cacao on the body, mind and spirit, check out our blog post on this.)

Cacao - a loving companion during your menstruation

Relaxed and gentle cycle phase

Hannah Rübig undertook a self-experiment for us. Before and during her menstruation, she drank cacao every day and very consciously:

I have found my menstrual period myself to be so incredibly gentle and relaxed physically and emotionally. The cacao gently brought me out of a hormonal mood slump. I felt in a good mood again and at ease in my body, which otherwise often feels so bloated and bloated at this time. My food cravings were also much smoother.

Cravings for chocolate

The craving for chocolate can actually be the need for cacao with its great ingredients. With a cacao ritual you take care of your inner being, you listen to yourself and pay attention to your body. This act of self-love is much deeper and more lasting than a brief sugar gratification from "normal" chocolate. In addition, period cramps can even be made worse by increased sugar intake.

Ritual Cacao can be a wonderful support before and during menstruation. However, the most important thing during this time is to get in touch with yourself and to hear what your body needs.

Greetings Leni

For all Goddesses

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