Cacao ritual at Lughnasadh and Lammas

Lughnasadh and Lammas Cacao Ritual


In our Cacao Ritual for Lughnasadh you can recognize, accept and celebrate the abundance in your life.

Lughnasadh & Lammas - the 1st harvest festival

On August 1st we celebrate the Celtic annual festival of Lughnasadh, also known as Lammas. It is midway between the summer solstice Litha and the autumnal equinox Mabon and is the 8th Lunar Festival of the year. Lughnasadh (pronounced Luu-na-sah) is named after the Celtic sun god Lugh and, as the 1st harvest festival, stands for maturity, gratitude and connection with nature.

A central element is originally the grain, which is harvested, baked into bread and shared, thus symbolizing the cycle of life. This is also where the other name "Lammas" comes from, which means something like (bread) loaf fair .

The power of gratitude and abundance

It's midsummer and nature is in full bloom. The cornfields glow golden yellow in the sunlight. Dark berries such as blackberries, blueberries and raspberries are ripening and the herbs and medicinal plants have transformed the energy of the earth and the sun into their very own magic. The time of greatest fullness and maturity has come, and with it the harvest. In order to be able to harvest, one must cut, which is why Lughnasadh is also called the festival of the reapers.

For us, Lughnasadh is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the abundance in our lives and reap the fruits of our labor. It's important to celebrate your successes and not just move on to the next project. Far too often we forget how important it is to stop and be grateful for everything we have already achieved and what is in our lives.

When we move into the energy of gratitude and abundance, our lives feel colorful and vibrant. We also attract even more abundance and love. Since cacao is a symbol of abundance for us, a cacao ritual is of course particularly suitable for this annual celebration. For this we give you our cacao ritual “Invite the fullness of life”.


Lughnasadh & Lammas

Cacao Ritual "Invite the fullness of life"

Ritual Step 1Prepare your Ritual Cacao with lots of love and mindfulness.*

Ritual Step 2Find a quiet feel-good spot and make yourself comfortable with blankets, pillows, candles, and power items.

Ritual Step 3Breathe calmly and deeply into your heart and let an intention come. This can be something like: "I fill my body with gratitude for everything I have already created and what is in my life." You can also look around your room and ask yourself, "What am I grateful for in my home? What do I love here?"

Ritual Step 4Close your eyes and drink your cocoa sip by sip and breathe in and out consciously. Imagine yourself taking in gratitude and joy with every inhale. Feel free to ask yourself internally: "Which of my visions, wishes and ideas have become reality, where can I reap the fruits of my work?"

Ritual Step 5Keep your eyes closed and bathe in the images and feelings of everything you have created and what is already in your life.

Ritual Step 6Also take a moment to remind yourself of what DIDN'T work and why you can be grateful for it. Life sometimes knows so much better than we do and afterwards we know why some relationships, projects etc. weren't meant to be. This too can be recognized and celebrated. So we collect more and more evidence that life knows better and we can trust it.

Ritual Step 7Then imagine a source. You stand in this never-ending source of water and receive everything that is meant for you. Open yourself to the feeling that your life is this source of abundance. Everything is available in abundance, you can allow yourself to open your hands and receive.

Ritual Step 8Reach your hands up and send some of the love you have just received outward - to a specific person, region or simply into the world.

Ritual Step 9At the end of the ritual, thank yourself, the Cacao Spirit and all the forces that support you every day and that have accompanied you so far.

After the ritual, you can call a person of your choice and give them some of your time out of abundance. Or you invite your partner to dinner.  Just be there, give unconditionally and speak from your heart. This is also how you attract more and more abundance by being generous with your time and resources.

We wish you a wonderful ritual and a magical late summer!

Width Love, Leni

* Here we have a recipe and tips for preparing your cacao for you.