A Samhain ritual - connection with the ancestors

It's that time again on October 31st. It's Samhain , one of the eight Celtic festivals. In this blog post, we are happy to offer you instructions for a Samhain Cacao ritual that you can do for yourself at home.

Samhain symbolizes transition from the old to the new

The year of the Celts was divided into two halves. The summer half-year - the "anniversary" and the winter half-year - the "annual night". On 10/31 thus begins the "annual night" for the Celts, which is the beginning of a new year for them. Tradition says that the dead and spirits of the underworld appear on this night to connect with the living.

The walls between the worlds become very thin or dissolve completely. The unseen becomes visible. It's the perfect time to connect with your ancestors and clairvoyant abilities. Samhain symbolizes the transition from the old to the new – there is no life without death. We can reflect on that again at this time. Life and death are two parts of the whole. There is always stillness between the cycles of an ending and a new beginning. In this silence lies the greatest potential for change, which we can use this night to pave new paths.

Samhain Cacao Ritual

Let go of the old, invite the new

Samhain is a good time to reflect on the year so far and look: what from the old do I want to take with me into the new?

Ask yourself what happens when you open yourself to the new and see life as a complex energy system full of beginnings and endings, in the space between which magic occurs?

Samhain is particularly suitable for a cacao ritual. Let go of the old, invite the new. Let your ancestors support you in seeing what otherwise lies in the dark.

Of course, we have also prepared a small cacao ritual for you, which you can carry out for yourself at home.

brown mandala

Instructions for a Samhain ritual

Plan about two to three hours for you and your trip.

step 1 Build yourself a small "altar", e.g. B. with pictures of your ancestors / deceased or personal items, candles and precious stones - be creative and follow your intuition.

step 2 Place a large bowl of water by the altar. This serves to protect and cleanse negative and disturbing energies. You can also smoke yourself and your surroundings with white sage.

step 3 Prepare a large cup of Ritual Cacao. Put your intentions for the ritual into the cacao via your thoughts during the preparation*. You can also choose suitable music to reinforce your intention for your ritual during the preparation.

step 4 You can symbolically prepare small cacao cups for your ancestors and place them on the altar.

step 5 Open a "circle of protection" around you. To do this, you can simply use your hand to draw a circle around you in a clockwise direction. When you are outside you can draw the circle out with salt or flour.

Pick up your cup of cacao and hold it directly in front of your heart.

step 6 Sit in an upright meditation position that is comfortable for you. Say your wishes for the ritual and the names of the people you want to invite into your cacao.

step 7 Start drinking your cacao and imagine how with every sip you open your intuition for the supernatural and the connection with your ancestors more and more.

step 8 Pay attention and listen to the messages that come to you.

step 9 At the end of the ritual, thank your ancestors and ask them to go back to where they came from.

step 10 Complete your ritual by reopening the "Circle of Protection" (counter-clockwise).

step 11 Return the water from the bowl to the earth.

step 12 Finally, consciously cleanse your surroundings with white sage to completely remove all energies that have been stirred up and "got stuck".

We wish you a magical October 31st.
Feel free to share your experience with us if you have tried the ritual.

Greetings Leni

*Here you will find a recipe & tips for preparing your cacao.