A little cleansing ritual with cacao

If I've been with people a lot and have moved a lot outside, I do a cleansing ritual with cacao. It's always important for me to bring my energy back to myself. If you feel the same way, please do the following ritual and let me know how you feel about it.

Instructions for a small cleaning ritual

step 1 Make yourself really comfortable at your place of power.
If you want to perform the ritual with cacao, then prepare your ritual cacao with a lot of love and awareness*.

step 2 Close your eyes and let important images and thoughts of the last few days rise again

step 3 Say to yourself: "Everything that doesn't belong to me is allowed to go here and now. All energies that I have consciously or unconsciously accepted from others and are not for my highest and best are allowed to go here and now". (I say these phrases in general when I come back from events or when I have been in exchange with different people.)

step 4 Imagine how golden water comes down on you from above and cleanses you and recharges you with new energy

step 5 If you want it even more physical, I recommend a salt bath right after the full moon. Especially when you have let things go, you can wash them out of your system wonderfully

step 6 Drink a lot of water after the energetic or real bath

step 7 Then take 5-10 minutes to feel your whole body. You can start at the top of your head and end at the bottom of your feet.

Three questions at the end

Finally, I would like to give you three more questions that fit the current quality of time. Answer them intuitively, the prevailing energy will help you.

How much do I trust my intuition and gut feeling?
Do I allow myself to unfold and live my true self?
What is my contribution to a livable and fulfilling world for everyone?

Recharge your batteries and have a wonderful week and see you soon.

With Love, Leni

* Here you will find a recipe & tips for preparing your cacao