Cacao rituals online? A short field report

Online cacao ceremony mandala

Online ceremony as a challenge and opportunity

We are all in a time of great change. Everyone deals with it differently. Some see it as an opportunity to mature - others are afraid and unsettled.

A lot has also changed at due to the current situation.
I am very happy that we can continue to share our cacao and rituals with you. For me it was a bit challenging to only hold our cacao ceremonies online now. I miss the direct contact to our participants. However, I also see the opportunities that arise from online rituals. We can now connect with people all over the world. I was very touched by the fact that I was able to reach people from Switzerland, the USA and Guatemala during the last online ritual. People open up, I can feel them and a space of trust develops. I feel that for many it is also helpful that they can be in their own safe space during online rituals.

Online rituals connect people worldwide

For me it is sometimes still irritating to talk to a screen and have so much technology around me. I have other things to think about. However, Felix and I rise to the challenge and create something new. We are now reaching people who previously could not participate in our rituals due to time or distance reasons. Of course, sometimes I'm still unsure whether people at home get into a similarly deep mood as when everyone is physically sitting together in one room. It is a very exciting experience for me and I would like to use the time to develop and surpass myself.

Julia from the online blog "Fuck Lucky Go Happy" was part of our last online ritual. How Julia prepared for the cacao ritual and what her feedback was, she summarized in on Instagram.

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