Cacao & EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

What does EFT mean?

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and is a tapping technique that calms your nervous system. It is also called tapping and is mostly used in "energetic" psychology. What is important with this tapping technique is that you are connected to the feeling (such as fear, stress, insecurity, etc.) when you use the technique.

Combination EFT & Cacao

Since the effects of cacao help you to feel more intensely and to bring out blockages, cacao is an excellent support for the use of EFT. Both EFT and Ritual Cacao are about opening up to your feelings, not escaping them. Transform fears and worries into trust and clarity.

Why Does EFT Tapping Help With Negative Emotions?

EFT, like acupuncture, works with meridians (energy channels) that flow through the body. When you are stressed or scared, this flow of energy is disrupted and energy builds up. In addition, the amygdala is activated in dangerous situations. The amygdala is a core area of ​​our brain, which is supposed to warn us in "dangerous situations".

It puts you in flight, fight or freeze mode. In this state you cannot come into rational contact with your fears. This is where EFT comes in.

EFT tapping points

Tapping on certain acupuncture points gets your energy flowing again and calms the amygdala. You can see the tapping points in the picture below. With spoken sentences you face your problems and regain clarity and presence.

Tapping points at EFT tapping technique

Instructions for EFT tapping technique

  1. Define as precisely as possible what you are afraid of, panicked about, or stressed about. The important thing is that you really feel it as you tap.
  2. Rate the intensity of your feeling on a scale of 1-10.
  3. Then you start tapping on the outside edge of your hand - what is known as the karate punch. There you repeat the following sentence three times: "Even if I (your sentence, e.g. I feel alone), I love and accept myself as I am."
  4. Then you start the first round by tapping the recorded points with 2 - 3 fingers. You keep telling yourself what scares you or what stresses you out. You look at the problem and you don't run away from it. You tap until you can feel a relaxation in your system. You repeat this for about 3 – 8 rounds.
  5. Finally, you do a positive lap. Tell yourself what might be good about your problem and what you learned from it. Tell yourself what you really feel. Eg "I already feel a bit better. It will get better. I feel lighter. The problem isn't that big anymore."
  6. Feel into yourself and rate how you feel now on a scale from 1 to 10.

Of course, you can also use this technique without drinking cacao first. Since cacao strengthens your feelings and often gives you a good insight into your inner world, we recommend this combination. Just try what feels right for you.

brown-pink mandala

With Love, Leni