Cacao ceremonies & rituals with cacao

Rituals have long been an integral part of many cultures. They serve to bring stability and security into everyday life and are often part of important events in life. Humans need rituals. They strengthen the I and we feeling and allow us to perceive moments more consciously. Especially in phases of change, rituals can offer support and become a companion.

Rituals from

Our rituals serve to support you in the transition from your unconscious to your conscious self. We use the heart-opening effects of cacao to treat ourselves and others with compassion. Cacao rituals help us to find our inner balance again and to vibrate in harmony with our heart.

Coco ceremony in Berlin at Yoga Sky

online rituals

There is no direct contact with our participants. However, we also see the advantages. Online rituals make it possible to stay in your own shelter and still be part of the bond. We can now connect with people all over the world. We were able to reach and feel people from Germany, Switzerland, USA, France, Belgium and Guatemala.

Our shelter

With our online rituals, too, we offer a protective space in which everyone can show themselves and be allowed to be. At the beginning of each ritual, we place our hand on our hearts, acknowledging that whatever happens within the ritual stays there and doesn't leak out.