Cacao Talk #2: Women's circles, Yonisteam & sensual cacao rituals

With Luise & Leni

In this Cacao Talk, Leni talks to Luise about women's circles and what magic can happen there. Luise also explains what exactly is meant by Yonisteam, why it is such a gift for us women and how you can make your own Yoni Steam Ritual at home. Feel free to make yourself a cup of cacao and listen... to our Cacao Talk, the conscious counterpart to the coffee gossip.

For all Goddesses

Female Cycle | Cacao Rituals | videos

If you want to delve deeper into yourself and your femininity and connect even more with your female cycle, then our cacao rituals for the female cycle are definitely something for you - a heart project from me. For each of the four seasons (phases of the cycle), Luise and I have created a powerful ritual that supports you as best as possible in the corresponding phase.

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