Cacao Talk #11: Cacao during pregnancy & breastfeeding

With Nicole, Jess & Leni

In our 11th podcast episode, Nicole, Jess & Leni talk about how cacao can work during pregnancy and breastfeeding and for conscious motherhood. In addition, they share how cacao can help before that to get into femininity and fertility in order to invite a new soul . They also explain what Blessingway is and how rituals can support various transitions. Feel free to make yourself a cup of cacao and listen... to our Cacao Talk, the conscious counterpart to the coffee gossip.

Unborn Child Ritual | Audio meditation with Leni

We are happy to recommend our audio meditation " Unborn Child " to you. This meditation is for all women who already have a baby under their heart and want to get in deeper connection with him/her.

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