Woman Circle - guest post by Rebeca & Luise

Cacao and cacao ceremonies have now become an integral part of many women's circles. Cacao embodies feminine, loving energy that gently accompanies you on the way to your heart. After enjoying cacao, a sustained, maternal energy is often perceived. In this protected feeling, it is easier for us to face fears and difficult issues.

You can find out what happens at such a Woman Circle and how cacao medicine finds its place there in the following reports from two wonderful women.

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Woman Circle - A circle of healing bestows

by Rebeca Schulte

Two years ago, I already had the vision of bringing women together to meditate, visualize, dance and exchange ideas. I wanted to create a space where deep healing, growth, love and connection can happen. At that time the women's circle did not come about. Maybe at that point I wasn't ready to open and hold the space. In the last two years I have experienced deep healing again and developed an even deeper access to myself. During this time I also dealt a lot with the topic of "femininity" and worked a lot on my "being a woman".

Women Circle with Cacao Ceremony

The vision of women's circles came to me again and this time I felt I was ready. Ready to remind women of their light and their primal feminine powers. We meet once a month, now up to twelve women, to grow and heal in deep connection. We drink Ritual Cacao, which supports us in opening our hearts to experience deep healing and love. A space is opened in which we "just are". We open up, talk about deep hurts and fears, cry, laugh and dance together. We give ourselves support and feel our true essence. Love.

Every time I am exhilarated, energized and full of bliss. I feel old hurts with women, experience deep healing and feel the connection to all the wonderful women on this planet. The cacao supports me to gain deep access to myself and to speak from my heart. I'm always surprised how magical the cacao has on me.

Women Circle - Rebeca Schulte

I wish from the bottom of my heart that women realize their true worth and bring all their gifts into this world. We can learn to let go, trust and surrender. Because that is our true nature. Cacao can help us with this. Woman you are wild, magical, powerful and unconditional love.

Thank you for being. Sincerely, Rebekah

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Why women's circles are so important right now!

by Louise Hahn

Women's circles are something very original. They already took place with our ancestors. Coming together in the clan among women for birth, ceremonies or rituals is in our genes.

The year 2020 has probably left no one untouched. In times of uncertainty, fear, hardship, social distancing and distance, even from family members, something happened to all of our souls. Our basic human need for closeness and connection has been banned by law. Anyone who sat too close together in public was viewed with contempt or even rebuked. This resulted in a great collective pain of loneliness and longing desires for closeness and connection.

I experience women's circles as one of the most magical and powerful moments in my life. They give me support, confidence, softness, fullness, self worth and so much more. I can just be. Without tummy tucks or masks. I learn and grow, recognize myself in every single woman and story.

Circle of women with cacao for ceremonies

We usually start our women's circles with a short "check-in round", i.e. arrive and tell each other what feelings are there at the moment or what is on your mind at the moment. That means every woman gets her time to settle in, to be heard, seen and felt. Afterwards we connect with Mama Cacao and hold a Cacao Ceremony. This is usually the moment when things quiet down and each woman goes into her own depths and drinks the cacao with her own intention, which is said one at a time. Each woman takes a sip when a new intention is expressed and greeted with "Aho!" was terminated. This ritual alone is so valuable for each of us. Many covers are allowed to fall carefully and we meet in love, care and softness.

Circle of women at cacao ceremony

Most of the time we dance or sing, go on a dream trip, draw tarot or oracle cards or, depending on whether it's its turn, another "sharing round". Sometimes we also give a lot of time and various types of healing work to a woman who wishes for this. The cacao has an effect throughout the evening and accompanies me for the next few days. For me it is very important to end the circle carefully before I start my way home. After such circles, my heart and I are as open as it is possible for me to be in this protected space.

Women's circle with Luise

Especially in this time and when you also live in the fast pace and harshness of our society, this kind of sisterly bond is one of our greatest ancestral heirs, which allows us to feel strength and healing again. We are pack creatures and living in softness is perilous outside of the pack. Always. This feeling of softness and connectedness should not be separated by gender.

It is so important to experience this together with men. My most intensive experience was when both groups were brought together after separate women's and men's groups. This quality of the highest communal energy cannot be described and I wish so much for us to be able to experience something like this again and again. Soon I will be offering more women's circles for sisters who have not yet met and this makes my heart tremble with anticipation!!!!

With tenderness, connectedness and highest love, Luise

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