The bowl of love

Cacao ceremony in the name of love

Are you one of those people who put their own needs before those of others? Are you someone who receives something as a gift and at the same time thinks about what you can give back to the other person? Do you bow your head when you receive a compliment and can hardly take it in? Or is it easy for you to accept? Do you allow yourself to just get?

Giving is more blessed than receiving

You think it's the other way around, but many people find it harder to take than to give. Your own well-being should come first and then that of others. Because whoever only gives, runs the risk of falling into a state of deficiency. Only if you can also accept, you experience true abundance and can in turn give it away. In this context, I would like to share with you an excerpt from one of my favorite poems.

The bowl of love

Kind and wise love is accustomed to overflowing, not outflowing.
I don't want to get rich if it makes you empty.
Because if you treat yourself badly, who are you good to?
If you can, help me from your fullness,
if not, take it easy.
(by Bernard of Clairvaux)

Pay attention to yourself with a cacao ritual

Do you know people who want to be there for you, but then tell you how bad things are for them and how much they do for others? How do you feel in her presence? What are they giving you? What are they taking from you? What attention are you giving yourself? What feelings are you denying yourself? do you love you

Cacao helped me a lot to focus more on myself and my needs again. Once a week I give myself the time to do a little cacao ritual - all for myself.

Fill yourself first with love and everything that is good for you. Then enjoy giving compassion & love to your counterpart from a full heart :-)

With Love, Leni