Cacao & hypnosis - consciously into the subconscious

Cacao rituals are a wonderful door opener that can be followed by many other experiences and techniques. I have been working with cacao for 7 years now and have used it in a variety of ways. I now combine the most enriching techniques in our rituals.

At this point, I confess that I also incorporate hypnosis elements into our ceremonies... Please don't panic now ;-) Hypnosis is still misconstrued in some people. There is this image that in hypnosis one follows some strange instructions without willing oneself and in the end even makes oneself ridiculous. Responsible for this are probably some bad movies and scary stories.

We make 5% of daily decisions consciously, 95% unconsciously

Hypnosis, as I learned it, is a wonderful tool to get quick access to the subconscious. It helps with so many things from burnout, depression, blockages to jealousy and the development of potential. The list is forever long.

Hypnosis is...

Hypnosis is a recognized and scientifically based method. The process of achieving a hypnotic state (trance) is also referred to as "hypnotic induction".

It's about working with people's subconscious in order to shed light on various topics quickly, effectively and in a cause-oriented manner. Change occurs where it is needed and one bypasses the sabotage patterns of the conscious mind. Hypnosis without your will and consent will not work.

Hypnosis helps us to dissolve old, unpleasant behavioral patterns and establish new ones

It is said that it takes anywhere from 30-90 days to form a new habit. In my opinion, hypnosis is much faster because we access our subconscious, which absorbs and stores things much faster.

I have used hypnosis not only to learn new things, but above all to recognize trauma. Often we behave according to a certain pattern and do not know why. However, our subconscious can still remember very well when a pattern emerged, even if it was in early childhood. Seeing, feeling and letting go of this - all of this can happen in the state of hypnosis.

Cacao & hypnosis

Hypnosis can be done in individual sessions or with a whole group. I have accompanied both. It is wonderful to look into the eyes of people coming out of such a trance.

There are of course many subcategories and a wide variety of offers in the field of hypnosis. Always check carefully what exactly is being offered and whether you feel so comfortable with the person that you can let yourself go.

For example, we recorded a video on the subject of “HypnoBreathing”. Have a look if that sounds interesting to you.

How does cacao support hypnosis?

And how does Ritual Cacao fit in here now? With hypnosis you have to be as relaxed as possible, almost asleep. Not quite. Relaxed yes, sleepy no. Hypnosis works best when you feel safe and relaxed, but not falling asleep. This is exactly the effect cacao has. He makes you feel held. Due to the high magnesium content, you also relax physically and open up to your inner self. By enjoying cacao you give your head a break and you get more and more into the feeling and also into your subconscious. The theobromine in cacao keeps you awake and alert at the same time and allows you to witness the changes within you.

Cacao ritual

I myself incorporate hypnosis, Theta Healing® and the word practice of Paul Selig and a few elements from other areas into my rituals. Everything that helps to get in direct contact with the feeling and the subconscious I find to be an absolute game changer.


With that in mind, let's explore our subconscious more and more. There is so much untapped potential here that we want to explore and live.

Greetings Leni