Couple Ritual | VIDEO

Couple Ritual | VIDEO

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The length of the ritual is 90 minutes.

Cacao ritual for couples with Tatjana & Simon

This ritual is a very special way of coming into heart contact with your partner. A ritual just for you - guided by the heart-opening effect of cacao. Ritual Cacao is said to awaken hidden longings for originality, sensuality and mutual understanding.

Would you like to know how to open the door to connection and true love even further? Would you like to take the love in your partnership to a new level?

Relationships don't always run smoothly and harmoniously, and it takes courage to keep opening your heart. Courage to face yourself and let go of what no longer serves. Then the doors to true love can open and the beauty of the relationship can blossom again at any time. Therefore, this ritual focuses on taking your partnership to a new level. A level that focuses on love.


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More about our guests

Tatyana and Simon

Tatjana and Simon give you exercises that help you to experience your mindset and its effect on the relationship. For this, the two draw on personal experience, their 7-year relationship and many joint workshops. Tatjana is a relationship/couple and sex therapist as well as a body & movement coach. Simon is a naturopath for psychotherapy, consciousness and energy coach.

couple ritual

It is recommended not to eat 3 hours before the cacao ritual and not to have coffee on the day of the ritual. Then find your place of well-being and make yourself comfortable with pillows and blankets. Turn off your cell phone and make sure you won't be disturbed.

If you are on psychotropics or other medications, or have serious heart problems, MAKE SURE you let us know. We will then discuss with you whether Ritual Cacao is suitable for you.

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