New Soul | AUDIO

New Soul | AUDIO

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Here you can buy cacao for the ritual .

You will receive access to this audio ritual via email immediately after purchase. The link to the stream is valid for 365 days.

The length of the ritual is about 30 minutes.

"New soul" ritual with Leni

Consciously invite a new soul into your body and into this world.

This trip is for all women who have an unfulfilled desire to have children.

Together we let go of what is still holding you back from being ready to receive a new soul. We let go of tension and pain - always held and carried by the maternal energy of cacao.

You go to a level where you can get in touch with the unborn soul in order to consciously welcome it to you and your family.

This meditation helps you face your (hidden) fears and get in touch with another level of being. You get more emotional clarity and a feeling for your unborn child.

The borders of the worlds are an illusion that can be dissolved here.

It is recommended not to eat 3 hours before the cacao ritual and not to have coffee on the day of the ritual. Then find your place of well-being and make yourself comfortable with pillows and blankets. Turn off your cell phone and make sure you won't be disturbed.

If you are on psychotropics or other medications, or have serious heart problems, MAKE SURE you let us know. We will then discuss with you whether Ritual Cacao is suitable for you.

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