Heart Yoga | VIDEO

Heart Yoga | VIDEO

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The length of the ritual is 60 minutes.

Heart Yoga with Cacao with Kate Hall & Leni

In this ritual we invite you to open your heart on different levels.

We start with a cacao ritual and set the intention for the subsequent yoga practice. This is led by the wonderful Kate Hall.

Heart Yoga & Cacao with Kate Hall & Leni

Yoga and cacao are a beautiful combination to open up physically and mentally and to charge us for everyday life. Through this special practice we learn more and more to accept and enjoy the colorful life outside. We internalize that without tension there is no relaxation. It's always an inhale AND an exhale.

Even though all the good nutrients of cacao have a very energizing effect, in this yoga flow you will experience many opening and deep asanas to get in touch with your hidden emotions.

This yoga practice is characterized by gentle heart openers that are suitable for all levels. Heart openers basically give us new energy and open us physically and mentally.

We recommend this ritual / yoga flow for days when you need to recharge, get emotional clarity for important decisions and feel your inner truth. In addition, this ritual is also wonderful to land more in you and your body again.


  • Welcome
  • Cacao Ritual
  • Yoga Flow with Kate Hall
  • Closing

More about our guest


Kate has been a trained yoga teacher for over 10 years and loves to teach. She practices and teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Here the breath and the movement are synchronized, so we get into a meditative state much more easily. In this state, the mind becomes calmer and the soul becomes louder. Soul contact is why we practice yoga and rituals because our soul always knows what is right for us. Kate likes to combine cacao and yoga.

"The heart chakra is opened even more and we feel much more easily what is going on deep inside. When you can feel it, you can heal it." - Kate about her work

Es wird empfohlen 3 Stunden vor dem Cacao Ritual nicht mehr zu essen und am Tag des Rituals keinen Kaffee zu sich zu nehmen. Suche dir dann deinen Wohlfühlplatz und mache es dir mit Kissen und Decken gemütlich. Schalte dein Handy aus und sorge dafür, dass du nicht gestört wirst.

Falls du Psychopharmaka oder andere Medikamente nimmst oder ernsthafte Herzprobleme hast, teile uns das UNBEDINGT mit. Wir besprechen dann mit dir, ob Ritual Cacao für dich geeignet ist.

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