The Book "Ritual Cacao"

The Book "Ritual Cacao"

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RITUAL CACAO incl. 12 rituals for the whole year (160 pages)

The combination of old cacao knowledge, personal stories and concrete practical instructions makes this book a wonderful mixture of personal advice and practical book.

A thousand-year-old ritual returns.

You drink cacao for yoga and meditation, for dancing and being creative. You can drink cacao at festivals; at events in your city, at women's circles and retreats or you just drink cacao to relax and enjoy at home. It's the heart-opening effect that makes original cacao so popular!

Why is that? What kind of cacao is that? Where does he comes from? How exactly does such cacao work? What are cacao rituals all about? How can I use cacao in my life?

We answer these questions, but in this book we share with you much more our many years of experience as organizers of cacao rituals and as people with a very personal history and spiritual journey.

We would like to bring the reader closer to cacao in its original form and encourage them to use it themselves based on well-founded knowledge and tradition. The book contains 12 rituals that accompany and guide you through the whole year. Let yourself be surprised!

Wolf-Dieter Storl about the book:

"Plants are more than just botany; they cannot be reduced to their ingredients. Plants have a spiritual and spiritual dimension that goes far beyond the material. Somewhere Paracelsus said, "One can only really understand what one loves." Love is the key to understanding plants. If you lovingly look at the plant with clear senses, it comes closer to our soul and reveals its secrets to it. Seeing becomes a look. As Goethe once said, nature does not let its veil through levers and levers Depriving screws (through experimental science), she reveals herself alone to a beholder's loving soul.
Leni and Felix did that and the cacao plant whispered their message to them. They have been able to turn cacao into a true drink of the gods again. And her beautiful book Ritual Cacao teaches us how to deal with this plant deva again."

/ Printed on 100% FSC recycled paper, hardcover

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