Cacao Rituals - Team building with meaning and heart

Globalization, demographic change and digitalization have been changing everyday working life for a long time. Added to this is the ever-increasing need for meaning, which is now becoming more and more noticeable in the work environment. Employers who recognize this and use it for themselves can benefit greatly from this change.

Contact and connection in remote teams

At a time when so many people are working remotely and employees are scattered across Germany or around the world, one thing is more important than ever: CONTACT AND CONNECTION. And this should definitely go beyond the work context from time to time. Why? Because we are all people who bring different things with us and who want to be seen. Trust, self-responsible and motivated work is possible when employees feel seen and valued.

And as many advantages as digitalization and flexible working hours bring with them, they can also sometimes be a little lonely. That's why it's so important, especially for teams that don't just meet in the tea room, to encourage exchange and connection among each other.

Imagine that your employees don't work for you, but WITH you and FOR the vision of your company. When do they do that? When they feel connected to the company and the vision and see themselves as an important part of the whole system.

Teambuilding with online/offline cacao rituals

We offer Cacao rituals for companies that want to strengthen this bond within the team and with the company.


In a cacao ritual, participants have the opportunity not only to strengthen their own skills, but also to get to know their colleagues in their various facets. The special atmosphere and the conscious use of the cacao allow participants to see themselves in a different light and experience a deeper understanding of one another that goes beyond the professional role. This not only strengthens the working relationship, but also human interaction and team spirit. Cacao can also promote creativity, have a positive effect on cognitive abilities and sharpen concentration and attention, which is why it is also wonderfully suited to topic-specific workshops.

We offer Cacao rituals online and offline on various topics. Of course, we also take company-specific requests into account.

Creative and imaginative solutions will create the future.

If you would like to know more about cacao and our rituals for companies or already have a specific request, please write an email with some information about yourself and your company to:

Warmest regards Leni & Felix