The Spirit of Cacao is calling you

We are convinced that the next great transformation of humanity will come from the heart - the seat of the soul.

Because in the heart we feel. This is where we connect, fall in love, this is where we mourn, this is where we rejoice, this is where we forgive and this is where we heal. Where else could the shift towards a conscious and compassionate world take place if not in the heart?! What would all our living together be like if the really important decisions of people were decisions of the heart?!

Cacao as a heart opener is a wonderful companion on this path of change, which is why we want to bring cacao closer to as many people as possible.

Do you also feel the call of cacao? Then become an ambassador and carry cacao into the world with us to open hearts!

Cacao Gathering von


As an ambassador, you are invited to our Cacao Gathering once a month. We drink cacao, exchange ideas and travel together.

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Bring the spirit of cacao into the world and receive a commission for every recommendation of our cacao and our rituals.


We can work together and reach many people's hearts with cacao. What are your ideas for a cooperation?

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