We love Cacao! Also known as the potion of the goddesses & gods, cacao has been appreciated for its heart-opening effect for thousands of years. It is a matter of the heart for us to remind people of this traditional use of cacao. Because a change towards a loving and compassionate world begins in us - in you.

My name is Leni. For 8 years, I have been combining my learned healing and motivational work with the transforming effect of the cacao plant. I see my work as a bridge between head and heart. By giving both the attention they need, we create a life that feels valuable to ourselves and others. leni(at)cacaoloves.me

My name is Felix. I got to know the wonderful effects of ritual cacao on a trip through Venezuela. Meditation and mindfulness exercises have been part of my practice for 20 years. Synchronizing with the moment opens a space for purpose, joy and healing to emerge. felix(at)cacaoloves.me

We set out to track down the most original types of cacao and share them with you. Our events are based on a cacao ritual. We invite guests who enrich our cacao rituals with their skills and existence. Cacaoloves.me is a space supported by many. You can find out more about our rituals here.