BERLIN | 06.03.2020

BERLIN | 06.03.2020

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Event location

Yoga Sky Berlin
Am Tempelhofer Berg 7d, 10965 Kreuzberg, Berlin

Welcome beautiful people

This evening is a combination of powerful tools to reconnect to yourself and share our heart-opened selves with each other.

19:00 Opening Circle
19:30 Cacao Ritual by Leni Maylea
20:15 TransForMusic by Ayam & Christala
(a journey through body, voice and sound)
21:45 Integration & Closing Circle

Why Cacao?
Ceremonial cacao has a worldwide tradition and thousands of years of cultural history. From the gods drink of the native Americans, used as an energizing drink during the war by Spanish and Aztec soldiers, a fasting agent of European monks to the popular drink of today.
We believe in the saying, that cacao has returned to our modern world to bring us back to our hearts and help us remember who we truly are.This multidimensional medicinal plant has a great impact on our body and mind.

Evening Flow
After drinking the magical broth medicine Ayam & Christala will take you to a nourishing journey through body, voice, sound, where you can embody the sound vibrations, letting the music enter you gently.

Ayam will guide you through a body-voice warm up, to shake your bones and open your voices and hearts and to connect to yourselves and others.
Later we will meet in a circle and sing for and with you, beloved known and unknown songs from different traditions as prayer and setting our intentions.

We will close with chilling you out with meditative sounds from the Monochord, Multichord(Self build instruments by ChrisTala), singing balls and more surprises, where you can just lay back and relax :)

** a little musical shop will be there for you to check out hand made music instruments such as frame drums, singing balls, jew harp, and more.


Energy Exchange
25 EUR pre sale until 27.02.2020
30 EUR late sale until 05.03.2020
35 EUR @ door


To prepare for the evening
Don´t eat at least 3 h before the ritual.
Don´t drink coffee on the ritual day.
Come with an open mind and be open for miracles :-)

Please note: You shouldn't work with ceremonial doses of cacao if you are taking antidepressants or if you have a serious heart condition. Please let me know if you have any questions.  

We looking forward to this special night.

With Love Leni, Ayam & Christala