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Aloha dears! Over the past few years, we have collected all the questions you have asked us via email, on our social media channels and at our cacao rituals. Here you will find answers to your questions about our cacao, how to prepare it, about cacao rituals and everything about ordering and shipping.


Ritual Cacao has a cultural history going back thousands of years as an invigorating and sacred drink. Known as a drink of the gods of the natives of Central America, a stimulant for Aztec soldiers and as a means of fasting by European monks to the popular luxury food and cacao bliss of today. Especially the fine cacao variety Criollo is very suitable for rituals, meditation and relaxation due to the special combination of precious ingredients and the invigorating effect.

Ritual Cacao is cacao in its most original form. It consists of 100% cacao mass and is processed gently so that the valuable ingredients and active ingredients that cause a heart-opening effect are not lost. Our cacaos are Criollo Blanco andCriollo Chuncho fine flavor cacaos. You can find more information in our blog article " What types of cacao are there? "

We set out to track down the most original and noble cacao varieties and share them with you. Our Criollo Blanco comes from the Piura region in Peru and is a rare sub-variety of Criollo cacao. This Criollo Blanco is grown and harvested by farmers who have formed a cooperative in order to assume social responsibility in the region and to establish ecological agriculture. OurCriollo Chuncho comes from the Urubamba Valley - a river that meanders through Inca ruins and reaches the Sacred Valley to Cuzco and Machu Picchu. The Chuncho variety is one of the oldest cacao varieties on this planet - it is even said that the Chuncho is the original cacao from which all other cacao varieties descend. On the page " 100% Criollo Blanco " you will find more detailed information about the cultivation and the harvest. You can find out more about the history of cacao in our blog article " Ritual Cacao - the brown gold ".

Let's start with the similarities, ;-) Criollo Blanco and Criollo Chuncho are both fine flavor cacao varieties as ritual cacaos. They come from Peru and are made from 100% cacao mass.

Criollo Blanco and Criollo Chuncho differ in taste and effect, which is why they can be drunk on different occasions. While the Criollo Blanco is used as a beneficial companion in meditations, rituals and when relaxing, theCriollo Chuncho has a strongly grounding and at the same time activating energy. We therefore like to use it for dancing, yoga and deeper meditations. The Criollo Blanco has a fine, fruity, slightly sour, fresh taste, while the Criollo Chuncho has a fuller, more chocolatey taste and a fine spicy note of oriental herbs. The Criollo Chuncho embodies more the masculine and stands for activity, while the Criollo Blanco embodies more the feminine and introspection.

These are our experiences with these two types of cacao. Of course you can feel differently. That's why we recommend simply testing which cacao is suitable for you for which occasion and in which dosage .

We recommend our Ritual Set as a starter package. In it you will find everything for your own cacao ritual ♥ The set contains 250g of heart-opening Criollo Blanco cacao, 50g of our "Mindful Bliss" spice mixture and 3 Palo Santo sticks for smoking and energetic cleaning. We also have tips for your cacao ritual at home , tips for preparing cacao and cacao dosage recommendations .

Yes, our cacaos are certified organic. We also pay attention to fair working conditions and wages. Read more in our blog article " Cacao farmers take responsibility. So do we! ". Especially when you work with cacao in rituals, it is particularly important to consume an energetically high-quality and fair product.

Drinking cacao does not always require a big ritual. You can also take a conscious moment in your everyday life and enjoy a cup of cacao. When drinking cacao, we recommend that you take care of yourself and the cacao and enjoy it ♥

In addition to the many nutrients, there are also some active ingredients in cacao. In relevant amounts, these include theobromine, theophylline, caffeine and epicatechin. The first two substances are methylxanthines and have a vasodilating effect, allowing the body to accumulate more oxygen. Epicatechin primarily stimulates the regions in the brain that are involved with perception and memory. Cacao also contains some neurotransmitters - biogenic amines - which stimulate the production of the happiness stimulants serotonin, endorphin and dopamine in the brain. The list of ingredients and active ingredients in cacao is much longer and new substances are still being discovered. If you want to delve deeper into this topic, we recommend our Cacao Ritual Training .

Yes, side effects can occur, but they are rare. Cacao draws water out of the body. This can cause headaches. Due to the natural caffeine in cacao, restlessness and sleep problems can occur. Mild stomach cramps or nausea are also possible, but rare. All of these side effects can be minimized or avoided altogether with proper handling. Basically, we recommend drinking a lot of water after enjoying cacao. If you have trouble sleeping, we recommend not drinking cacao 6 hours before bedtime. In our experience, if cramps occur, this often has energetic reasons. It is recommended to relax into the rising feelings here, deepen your breath and let the feelings flow.

No. Our cacaos contain no traces of nuts or edible nuts. The processing from the fruit to the cacao mass takes place in specially made containers and mills.

We have every new delivery of our cacao tested for heavy metals including cadmium. We only want to offer you the best ♥

Due to the increased caffeine content of 28mg/100ml, consumption of this cacao is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. If you want to drink cacao and have concerns, we recommend talking to your family doctor. You can find more information about this in the blog article " Cacao in Pregnancy ".

Due to the increased caffeine content of 28mg/100ml, children are not recommended to enjoy our cacao in ceremonial doses. If you want to offer children cacao, you should do it in small doses, e.g. B. 10 g cacao to 200ml liquid.

Our cacao has a shelf life of 2 years when stored in a cool, dry and dark place. The effect remains.

No, the quality as well as the effect and the aromas are completely preserved. Impairments can only occur from a temperature of over 50 degrees. We therefore also recommend processing cacao below 50 degrees. As soon as our packages are handed over to the shipping service provider, we unfortunately have no influence on the storage and delivery of the goods.

It is a natural product and we want to make the cacao available to you as unprocessed as possible. When the cacao for your order is made small, it is done by hand. Of course, the size of the cacao pieces varies here. Also, some pieces may be a bit white. The white you see is the cacao butter, which is still completely contained in our cacao and indicates the gentle processing of the cacao.


To prepare a cup of cacao, we recommend 200 ml of plant-based drink (oat, coconut or almond drink) or water. Add the desired amount of cacao (e.g. the 30 g Ritual tin) to the warm (not boiling) liquid. The most important thing is not to overheat the cacao. The cacao drink is heated but not boiled. For a normal cooker, this means level 2-3. Stir until the cacao mass has completely dissolved. We recommend a whisk for stirring. You can find more information on this in our " Tips for preparing cacao ".

Maybe you've also heard that exactly 42g is the ceremonial dose for Ritual Cacao? Well, the truth is that Ritual Cacao affects everyone a little differently. It also depends on your form on the day and on what occasion you want to drink the medicine of the heart. Over the many years we have tried a lot ourselves, prepared cacao for thousands of people and gained a lot of experience in the process. And so we have put together different dosages for you for different occasions in our blog article " Recommended dosage for Ritual Cacao ".

We recommend using cacao consciously so that you can tell when your body has had enough. We recommend a maximum of one cup with 30 g of cacao per day. If you still feel like you've had too much cacao, drink plenty of water and eat something grounding, such as bread and potatoes.

Of course you can prepare your cacao with cow's milk. However, we recommend the preparation with a plant drink or with water. The reason is that there are more antioxidants in cacao than e.g. B. in blueberries, pomegranates, cranberries or grapes. Antioxidants slow or prevent the oxidation of other substances. Therefore, cacao helps with relaxation, prevents inflammation and has a positive effect on the aging process. Cow's milk blocks the antioxidants in cacao. So if you want to take full advantage of the healthy effects of cacao, you should prepare it with a plant-based drink (oat, coconut or almond milk) or with water.

Naturally. While the Maya drank their cacao warm, the Inca appreciated cold cacao. The heart-opening effect is there, whether cold or warm :-)

This differs from person to person. It doesn't always take a big ritual to be able to enjoy our cacao. However, we recommend that you drink it consciously and take your time, so you will also notice how much cacao is good for your body and how often you can consume it.


This can be very different and depends on the theme of the ritual. At the beginning of each ritual, cacao is drunk together and an intention is set. It's about connecting more with your inner self. Usually there is a guided meditation and afterwards you can sing and dance as well as conscious contact exercises - everything that helps to connect your heart and your head with each other.

When you book a Cacao Ritual, whether online or offline, look at the description. What exactly is offered after the cacao drink. We currently offer video and online live rituals on various topics and are always releasing new rituals.

We always offer online live rituals on various topics. Just keep checking our shop to see what topics we have rituals on. When you have purchased an Online Live Ritual, you will receive an order confirmation. 2-3 days before the appointment you will receive the access link with further information about the preparation and the ritual.

After you have bought one of our Video Cacao Rituals, you will receive an e-mail with access to the Video Cacao Ritual in addition to the order confirmation e-mail and the e-mail with the invoice. Click on the button "To the ritual". You will be redirected to the login mask. Enter your name and email address and click the "Watch" button. You can start your Video Cacao Ritual.

The link to the Video Cacao Ritual you purchased is valid for 365 days from the date of purchase.

Yes, of course :-) Ritual Cacao opens our heart, body, and mind. He gives us a wonderful, loving access to our inner being. But of course you can also perform our rituals without cacao. On the detail page of each ritual, you can find the flow of the ritual. There you will see that drinking cacao and connecting with the Cacao Spirit is “only” part of a larger topic, such as B. Heart Yoga, Inner Child, HypnoBreathing, Feminine Cycle, for Couples and Tantric Woman I and II, is.

In preparation, we recommend that you do not eat 3 hours before the cacao ritual and do not have coffee that day. Then find your feel-good spot and make yourself comfortable with pillows and blankets. Turn off your cell phone and make sure you won't be disturbed. You can find more tips for your cacao ritual at home here.

If you are taking psychotropic drugs or other medications or have serious heart problems, please let us know before the ritual. We will then discuss with you whether, and in what dosage, Ritual Cacao is suitable for you.

Yes, we are happy to come to your home or place of work. offers rituals for various occasions such as weddings, company events, birthday parties, bachelor parties, Christmas parties and many more. For this purpose, we would be happy to create a very individual ritual with you to suit your occasion. Write us your request to: l.glapa(at)


Yes, of course, you can also buy larger quantities of cacao from us. We have special conditions for wholesalers and also for whole cacao blocks from 25 kg. For exact details and prices, please email Leni l.glapa(at)

As a business customer, you are considered to be a minimum purchase of 20 bags of 500 g cacao or a cacao block of 25 kg. For inquiries email us at


The shipping costs are based on the product weight

Free shipping is available from an order value of:

- from €70.00 in Germany
- from €150.00 to Austria
- from €250.00 to Switzerland

We currently deliver our cacao to countries within the EU and Switzerland.

After you have placed your order, it will be shipped within 24 hours from Monday to Friday. As a rule, we ship the goods on the day of the order if it is placed before 2 p.m. The delivery time is 2–4 days within Germany. For Austria and Switzerland, the delivery time is 5–10 days. However, the delivery times depend on DHL, and unfortunately we cannot influence extended delivery times at our service provider.

We will inform you several times about the status of your order. You will receive an order confirmation e-mail, a shipping confirmation with a link to track the shipment and a package notification on the day of delivery.

The following payment methods are generally available in our shop:

- Credit card
- Paypal
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- Bank transfer (only for business customers)

Detailed information on the payment methods can be found here


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ABOUT CACAOLOVES.ME stands for CONNECTION. Connection inside and outside. We would like to support you in gaining deeper access to your heart and your inner self. We want to connect different people who strive to live in harmony with themselves, with nature and with others; who support each other and are willing to take on personal responsibility. So that a togetherness develops in which it is safe to feel and show yourself, with all your injuries, weaknesses, and strengths. For this we use the heart-opening and transforming power of cacao, ceremonies, and rituals ♥

{"type":"root","children":[{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"type":"text","value":"With every step of we want to become a little bit more sustainable. We are already looking forward to being able to offer you climate-neutral import and shipping of the cacao. We have the greenhouse gas emissions generated during logistics neutralized together with Pachama. For this purpose, trees are planted in Peru for us, which store CO₂. In order to be socially sustainable and to support local cacao farmers, we pay more than fair trade. We add 33% of the price extra. Learn more about this in our blog article \" "},{"type":"link","url":"","title":null,"target":"_blank","children":[{"type":"text","value":"Cacao farmers take responsibility. So do we!","bold":true}]},{"type":"text","value":" \"."}]}]}


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