An Imbolc Cacao Ritual - Vision Finding

Imbolc Cacao Vision Finding Ritual

On February 1st and/or 2nd the Celtic annual festival Imbolc is celebrated. It is six weeks after the winter solstice (Yule) and six weeks before the vernal equinox (Ostara).

Life is getting ready to come back, the days are getting longer and the hours of sunshine are increasing again.

Under the ground, various plants are already preparing for spring. During this time we can do the same as nature does and align ourselves internally for new projects and phases of life.

For this I would like to give you a little ritual for finding a vision today.

Before that, if you want to read more about this Celtic festival, check out this wonderful guest post.


Imbolc Cacao Ritual for finding visions

Feel free to create a small Imbolc altar with candles, power objects, things from nature and everything that supports you in your vision finding.

Prepare your Ritual Cacao with lots of love and awareness*.

Sit down and close your eyes for a moment. Take a few deep breaths into your heart.

Ask the Kakao Spirit to help you find your vision and to show you exactly what is important to you today. After that, sip your cacao and keep your attention on your heart.

Our mind knows a lot that we might need. But today we want to let our wishes/vision come from the heart.

It is perfectly fine to have desires granted for different reasons and levels. However, I invite you to consciously look at where your desires come from.

Close your eyes and feel into your heart. ask your heart

What do I want to create in alignment with my heart this year?
If anything is possible, what would I really like to do?
If this was my last year, what would I do or maybe not do?

Perhaps you already have goals/visions for this year. You can look inwardly at your goals with your eyes closed. Can you invite them into your heart? Notice how your heart feels about each goal. Will it be warm and soft? how does your body feel Do you feel joy and space?

Sit with your eyes closed until you feel complete.

You are also welcome to turn on our Visions playlist ➚ for this time or choose your own musical support.

Thank you and the spirit of the cacao and feel inside yourself again whether there is still something for you to do today. Perhaps you would like to take the first courageous steps towards your vision today, carried by the cacao medicine.

Don't forget, DOING is like wanting, only more blatant :-)

With that in mind, I wish you a wonderful Imbolc Festival.

Greetings Leni

*Here we have a recipe & tips for preparing your cacao for you.